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LIVER EXPERT FORUM – CONFERENCE REPORT Risk profiles in liver transplant candidates: The implications for induction Umberto Cillo (Padova, Italy), Wolf O. Bechstein (Frankfurt, Germany), Gabriela Berlakovich (Vienna, Austria), Philipp Dutkowski (Zurich, Switzerland), Frank Lehner (Hannover, Germany), Silvio Nadalin (Tübingen, Germany), Faouzi Saliba (Villejuif, France), Hans J. Schlitt (Regensburg, Germany), Johann Pratschke (Berlin, Germany) Source: A panel of nine experts in liver transplantation, chaired by Prof. Johann Pratschke (Berlin, Germany), was organized by Sanofi Genzyme on 11 th September 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. The objective of the meeting was to assess the roles of recipient, donor and transplant factors in order to identify risk profiles in liver transplant candidates and consider the implications for immunosuppression, focusing on induction. % Patients EDUCATION 50 40 30 20 10 Liver transplantation: An evolving scenario Prof. Umberto Cillo (Padova, Italy) reviewed recent demographic developments in liver transplantation. The number of transplants is growing annually [1], and the profile of both recipients and p

LIVER EXPERT FORUM – CONFERENCE REPORT Graft survival Patient survival % Patients 100 80 60 40 20 P

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